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10 Peppa
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The time is now is the second episode of Peppa Overload


After a contestant burns the place down, they have to time travel to stop the 2098 zombie outbreak.


Mega Man claims the new challenge well be a talent show, but Peppa burnt the stage down, much to everyones dissapointment. Sick and tired of the contestants crap, he sends them to 2098 to stop a zombie outbreak, and gives them knives and AK-47, but Bowser, Tails, and Alex have other plans.

Suzy claims that she is tired, despite Peppa, Sammy, And Alex carried her through the portal. She sends them to kill zombie, to which Sammy kicks her into the time portal. Alex pulls out a disenergration ray, that will obliterate ant zombie it touches.

Tails, on the other hand, hacks into the weapons and causes a massive explosion. Koopa stabs 87 ghosts in a row, while mario stabs 666, which sends him to hell. Suzy, at the last second crashes into Alex, killing their challenge. Because of this, Suzy is eliminated at the elimination.


  • this is the first episode to air on Nicktoons in the U.S.