Sammy is Sick

Narrator: It is a bright sunny day Peppa is having a play date at Suzy's house,

Peppa: Hi, Suzy!

Suzy: Hello, Peppa.

Peppa: Suzy, why are you whispering?

Suzy: Cause, Sammy is sick. He's got the chicken pox.

Peppa: Oh.

Suzy: My Mummy has taken Sammy to the hospital.

Peppa: Are we going to play anything?

Suzy: Not today. Let's watch TV.

Peppa: O.K.

Suzy: Mr Potato is on after "Racing Cars"

Peppa: In the mean time lets play "Hide and Seek"

Suzy: (Bleats) I'll count!

Peppa: O.K, then I'll hide.

Suzy: 1, 2, 3, 4...

Narrator: Peppa is looking for somewhere to hide.

Suzy: ..8, 9, 10. Ready or Not here I come!

(Horn Toots)

Narrator: Mummy Sheep and Sammy Sheep are home.

Suzy: I can't find her anywhere.

Mrs Sheep: Who can't you find?

Suzy: Peppa.

Sammy: Well I could hear giggling in the bush over there.

Suzy: Maybe that's where she is hiding.

(Peppa Giggling)

Suzy: I found you.


Mrs Sheep: Peppa, Suzy, Sammy it's lunch time!

Kids: Hooray!

Peppa: I love hide and Seek.


Narrator: Peppa loves playing Hide and Seek, everyone likes playing Hide and Seek.


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