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Peppa Pig: [gets stuffed in a bag] OOF!

Mummy Pig: [puts the TV and the tape recorder on top of Peppa]

Peppa: [shrieks]

Mummy Pig: [farts and puts the bag in Cherie Pig's convertible as it starts to rain] Drive this bag to San Bearcisco in house 824.

Cherie Pig: Alright. [puts a Rocking Gazelles CD in the radio]

Peppa: [finds Pippa pork in the bag]

Pippa pork: Who are you?

Peppa: Unknown status 506, PT2 .elf file [poops her pants]

Pippa: [insults Peppa]

[time speeds up]

Cherie: Now I need to throw this bag into number 824. [walks to house 824 and puts the bag on the doorstep]

Brianna Bear: What the-

Britney Bear: Let's look in this bag! I wonder what's in it? [rummages through the bag and lifts Pippa pork out]

Brianna: Who's that?

Britney: I don't know!

Peppa: Unknown status 506, PT2 .elf file

Britney: What's that smell?

Peppa: I pooped.

Britney: Hop into my car!

Peppa: [enters Britney Bear's car]

Britney: [drives the car to house 2700 as time speeds up] Peppa, leave the car!

Peppa: There's a wishing well! [throws a coin into the well] I wish for entry to Peppakitown.

[The well opens a trapdoor]

Peppa: Thank you! [climbs down the ladder]

[at house 824]

Brianna: I found a TV and a tape recorder as well as a Pigtengo Pamicom!

Britney: Can you read Japanese?

Brianna: Of course. I do not go to playgroup - I am visited by a tutor.

Britney: Oh.

[in Peppakitown]

Peppa: Wow!

[at house 824]

Brianna: [changes into an outfit made completely out of sapphires]

Britney: I don't know if that's warm-

Brianna: Plug the Pigtengo Pamicom in that TV we found!