Peppa: Mummy, can I have a deep sleep about the future?

Mummy Pig: Hmm... The future? But many years have passed!

Peppa: That's just fine, Mummy. That's just fine.

Mummy Pig: Well, okay. (walks downstairs)

Peppa: (yawns) Mmm... Maybe I'll sleep very deep in the hot sun... The cold blizzard... And... (snores lightly)

(2000 years later...)

Peppa: (opens her eyes, and yawns) Ahhh! Mmm. My, what a deep sleep! (sees her surroundings) Say, what's going on out there?! (gasps) Uh... Why is everything chrome? And what's...

George: "laughs"

Peppa: Why, hello, George.

George: George? No... (in robotic voice) Me George-tron. (in normal voice) Welcome to the future. When everything's chrome, and...

Peppa: Uh... Uh...

George: 2000 years have passed, and you have a humungo-very-extra-deepest sleep in the world.

Peppa: I did?

George: Yes. See over there? Me have best friend Richard the alien rabbit.

Richard: Xya-xya-bee-boo-bop. Ref-ref-reffffff! Crickity-crick!

George: And over there? There me dine-saw who is alien. (grabs Mr. Dinosaur) Dine-saw alien! Beep-boop! (presses the button of Mr. Dinosaur's belly)

Mr. Dinosaur: (singing) Lou can fix most anything, if your toaster's broke or your phone won't ring...

George: And over there? There cousin Chloe. She look like alien.

Chloe: Xya-xya-xya-xya! Boop-boop-booooooop! (giggles)

Peppa: And there's also a future Heinrich!

Heinrich: Xog xog zog zog moooffffffff!!!!! zaaazzpppp! zapp!! GYA GYA GYA!!!! BOOP BEEP BWEEP!!!

Peppa: Wow! The future is great! I'll get the time machine. (runs in the time machine, pulls the "past" lever, and then the world swirls all around like a merry-go-round) WHOOOOOOAAAAA!!! My, oh, my! Where did I go wrong?!

George: (cackles very loudly, and picks his nose) Ooh, boogers look gross! Eww!

Mr. Dinosaur: (echoing) Hi, there. Wanna have some fun?

Peppa: No! No! Sorry! Can't right now!! I'm too... BUSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

(back to the present...)

Peppa: Ohhh! (gasps) Whew! It's all a dream. The future was gone! I'm not going anywhere! (sighs)

George: Why would you have a deep sleep for 2000 years? You already did that time.

Peppa: (gasps, then shrieks) AAAAAAAUGH!!!

(in the dinosaur age...)

Peppa: Aah! (sighs) Whew! It's just my dream again! (looks at the dinosaurs, then gasps)



(scene goes back again)

Peppa: (sighs) Oh, man! I've got three dreams in one night! Ugh! I'll just go to sleep on my own bed... (yawns)



January 26, 2014

January 26, 4014

January 26, 383,383,002 BC


Peppa has got three dreams in one night.

Air Date

March 14, 2010 (UK)

March 21, 2010 (USA)

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