Titans were a species that threatened the planet, as they ate the Population. They were first found out about in the 8th century, and were chased away in the 10th, but have been reawokened multiple times. then died the last time in 2014-2015.


775 - 992

They were first found out about around 775 close to Germany, and ate billions of earth's Population. They were eventually chased away, and everyone thought they had become extinct. But they were wrong.

1391 - 1452 - Reawakened by Parzifal Potato

The Titans were accidentally reawakened by Englishman Parzifal Potato, however, they were chased away a few generations later.

1511 - 1515 - Reawakened by Jacquelin Jaguar

Jacquelin Jaguar seeked revenge on the population after being betrayed, and woke up a little of the Titans. These titans were soon after killed.

2011 - 2012 - Reawakened by Angela Anaconda

The titans were reawakened by a girl named "Angela Anaconda". This time, it was not an accident, and supposed to wipe out everyone, as Angela wanted to have the world for herself, and to be sure, turned herself into a titan. Angela Suffered the consequences of her actions, as she was later killed off by Peppa Pig.

2017- Reawakened by Chef PiggerJack

they were Reawakened by Chef PiggerJack since he's evil and the Titans invaded Peppatown then the Fire Titan ate him. Then he became the Fire Titan who was soon killed by Daddy Pig