Mummy Pig: Peppa! George! Tobias' school is having a learning journey today!

Peppa: What's a school?

Mummy Pig: A school's a place where big children go to learn about writing, reading, numbers, the history of the world and more.

Peppa: Is it like playgroup?

Tobias: Well, playgroup's much more fun. At playgroup, you get to play with toys and stuff all day but at school, like mum said, it's all worksheets and reading and stuff like that. But, like playgroup, we have a lunch time where you eat your food and then go outside.

Peppa: School sounds a bit... ...err... ...I don't know! I'll think about it when I get there!

At the school....

Tobias: Peppa, George, this is my classroom. As you can see, I've recently been studying history, Peppatown, life cycles, explorers and even me!

Peppa and George: Ooooo!!

Peppa: *sees Pedro, Patty, Pete and Mummy Pony in the hallway outside* Pedro! Pedro!

George: Patty! Patty!

Peppa: Why are you here?

Pedro: My big brother Pete comes here.

Peppa: Oh!

Tobias: I'd like to show you my table group's diorama of the Jurassic period! *gets out Jurassic period diorama*

George: Dine-saws! Rrrrr!

Tobias: Yes, George. Dinosaurs. Mum, can I show Peppa and George the school playground?

Mummy Pig: Of course!

[Tobias, Peppa and George go outside]

Tobias: This bench is where I like to sit and eat my lunch.

Peppa: And what's that bunch of trees over there near the play equipment?

Tobias: We call it the 'Blossom Forest'. Would you like to meet my teacher, Mrs. Wildebeest?

Peppa: Yes, please!

[They and George go back inside]

Tobias: Now, this is Mrs. Wildebeest.

Peppa: She doesn't look like a wild beast! She looks like a cow!

Tobias: No, the type of animal she is is called a wildebeest. Although when you're naughty, she can be a bit of a wild beast.

Mrs. Wildebeest: But I don't WANT to be a bit of a wild beast, you see.

Mummy Pig: Time to go!

Peppa: But the bell hasn't rung yet!

Mummy Pig: On the learning journey, you can leave early!

Peppa: Okay!

[They, Tobias and George drive home]

Peppa: *goes into her treehouse* Guess what, gang? I went to my big brother Tobias' school for the learning journey!

Suzy: Was the school an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers?

Peppa: I guess so.

Pedro: And I saw you there! I was with Pete!

Peppa: Oh, yeah! I did see you!

Danny: Anyway, how was it?

Peppa: Well, we learned about what Tobias studies, his teacher Mrs. Wildebeest and the playground he plays in!

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Wow!

Peppa: Anyway, time for the daily meeting against Emily Elephant and her walky-talky girls Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear.

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