Mrs. Wildebeest (offscreen): *knocks on the door*

Madame Gazelle: *opens the door* Yes?

Mrs. Wildebeest: Tobias needs to stay with you for a while.

Madame Gazelle: Okay.

Tobias: *comes in*

Mrs. Wildebeest: Goodbye. *drives away*

Tobias: Aw, yeah! Sweet!

Madame Gazelle: Did Mrs. Wildebeest say you needed some leisure time, where there are no other kids your age, to get back on task?

Tobias (lying): Yeah!

Madame Gazelle: Well, okay, then! There's painting, drawing, toys and so much more! What do you want to do?

Tobias: Sweet guitar you got there! *gets a guitar from the instrument box* *runs up to the stage* *starts playing*

Tobias (singing): Well, alright fellas, My name's Tobias. If you ain't cool, it's you I'm biased. The basement's where I always hang, by myself or with my gang. (Chorus:) Yo, my name's Tobias, I'm awesome and I'm cool. The teachers even let me go away from school. My basement bedroom may be a mess, but mess with me, and it won't be bless...

[Everyone George's age starts crying]

Madame Gazelle: Tobias Pig, stop that racket right now!

Tobias (singing): Sorry, Madame Gazelle, but it's the teacher's order. She says if I'm to work, I can't get any boreder.

Madame Gazelle: *sighs*

Emily: That song was beautiful, Tobias!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: All he does all day is lie around in his basement watching Ninja Pigs.

Emily: Ndiyo. He doesn't appear to have a speck of mud on him.

Tobias: Get away from me, you stupid pipsqueaks!

Peppa: Tobias, will you please stop saying that!?

Tobias: Stop saying what? "Pipsqueaks?"

Peppa: *sighs*

Madame Gazelle: Lunch! *rings bell*

[Everyone comes to the canteen]

Madame Gazelle: Here's our lunch, stew!

Tobias: Stew? Oh, man! Can I get a burger and chips?

Madame Gazelle: Sure! *makes Tobias a burger and chips*

Tobias: Mmm! *goes to a table* *bites into the burger* Mind if I take my shoes off?

Madame Gazelle: Not at all!

Tobias: *takes his shoes off* Aah!

Peppa: They're a bit smelly.

Suzy: Yeah.

Madame Gazelle: Now, now, Tobias needs his leisure time. Outside, everyone!

Tobias: Can I stay in?

Madame Gazelle: Sure!

[All the playgroup kids go out]

Tobias: *goes to the computer lab* *looks up Ninja Pigs on PigTube* *clicks on an episode* Aw, yeah!

Computer: Ninja Pigs! Ninja Pigs! Warriors with wiggly tails! Piggy power!...

In Madame Gazelle's office...

[The phone rings]

Madame Gazelle: *answers* Hello? Gigi Gazelle from Peppatown Playgroup speaking.

Mrs. Wildebeest: Hello Gigi, how's Tobias' punishment going?

Madame Gazelle: Punishment?

Mrs. Wildebeest: What, you didn't know it was a punishment?

Madame Gazelle: Oh, thank you for telling me! He said he needed leisure time! *hangs up*

Mrs. Wildebeest: Hmph!

Madame Gazelle: *goes out of her office*

[The whole place is a shambles, covered in graffiti and stuff]

Madame Gazelle: Goodness! Tobias, where are you? *looks all around the building* *sighs* *goes outside* Children, we need to search for Tobias Pig!

[Everyone searches, but he isn't there]

Peppa: Where could he be?

Madame Gazelle: That's it, we're taking the bus.

[Everyone gets into the bus]

Madame Gazelle: Everyone look out for Tobias!

Rebecca: He's not here.

Colina: Not here, either.

Freddy: I'll sniff him out. *winds the window down* Hang on a minute, that's his foot odour!

Madame Gazelle: Perfect! *stops the bus*

Freddy: *gets out and follows his nose* Oh, he left behind his shoes! *picks them up and gets back on the bus* No luck, Madame Gazelle.

Madame Gazelle: Okay, then. *continues driving*

Peppa: Remember when we climbed up that hill?

Madame Gazelle: Yes?

Peppa: Well, I met Tobias' friend Buffy Bat in a cave on it. Maybe we could look there!

Madame Gazelle: Good choice, Peppa! *drives the bus up the hill*

Pedro: You know, I just noticed that both times we've come here, it's involved a missing pig.

Madame Gazelle: *sighs*

[Everyone gets out]

Madame Gazelle: Lead the way, Peppa!

Peppa: Um, well, I just meandered along until I came to it.

Madame Gazelle: Now you tell me.

Peppa: I'll see if I can find it.


Peppa: Aha!

Buffy: *wakes up* What do you want?

Peppa: Is Tobias Pig here!

Buffy: *hisses* NO! *goes back to sleep*

Madame Gazelle: Great. All that walking for nothing. How did we get here, again?

Mummy Bat: Shall I fly you to the top?

Madame Gazelle: How will you carry all of us?

Mummy Bat: Easy. *goes* *comes back with a basket tied to her shoes*

[Everyone gets in]

Mummy Bat: Oh! I've gotta do my shopping.

Madame Gazelle: *sighs*

Mummy Bat: *flies to Swinesbury's*

Emily: Swinesbury's? Really? Go to Tusco! And, urgh, it smells like they're having a clearance sale on rotten cheese!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: Swinesbury's would never do that! Freddy's toting around Tobias' rotten old shoes!

Freddy: Hang on a minute. *sniffs* *follows his nose*

Madame Gazelle: Freddy Fox, where are you going?

Behind the shops...

Tobias: *eats some chips*

Freddy: Gotcha!

Tobias: *sighs*

Madame Gazelle: Well done, Freddy! Now, Tobias, after that graffiti you did earlier, I'm afraid you're gonna have another punishment.

Mrs. Wildebeest: Did somebody say Tobias is getting another punishment? What did he do?

Madame Gazelle: He is getting punished for graffiti in the classroom.

Peppa: And he called someone a "s-

Madame Gazelle: *screams with Mrs. Wildebeest* Peppa!

Mrs. Wildebeest: Tobias! How could you! You are to be taken home to get your mouth washed, young man! No school for a week until your mummy and daddy clean your dirty, dirty mouth.

At Peppa's house...

Mummy Pig: *washes Tobias's mouth with soap* I can't believe you said that to one of your students, Tobias. We should have done this long ago...

Tobias: Ugh, I hate soapy water...

Peppa: He deserved that punishment.

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