Tobias Pig
is Peppa Pig's older brother who is now 10. Tobias likes to call Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Pedro 'pipsqueaks', makes Peppa smell his laundry and generally bullies her. Same as George, he loves dinosaurs. In the episode Camping in a Tent, he wanted to go camping instead of Peppa and George doing it due to their youth, but Daddy Pig reminded him that he was going out with the other big kids. Tobias was mentioned by Peppa in the episode The Trouble with Madame Gazelle. When Peppa is about to tease George, he joins in with her. His bedroom is in the basement. He was also mentioned in News Makeover, Peppa in the Piston Cup, Crazy Space, Airfield Trip & Suits You, Peppa. He has now grown up into a big boy. He has a crush on Chloe Pig in Rebeccataylor1972's fandom, where he is an adopted child.


Tobias mainly likes slouching around in his basement bedroom, watching TV and texting Pete Pony. He occasionally meets up with his gang.

Peppa Pig: The Clique Clash

Tobias appears in the game starting in episode three. He shares a kiss with Zoe in the game when he and Alex save her.


  • Shu Todoroki was a good friend of his.
  • He has Milkiin.
  • He used to teach tap at Peppatown Dance Place but when Panle Pig died, he started teaching jazz there instead (Chloe stared teaching tap after Panle Pig Died).
  • In Peppa Pig: The Clique Clash, Zoe and Tobias are in a relationship. This isn't true in the rest of STH223's fanon.