Some day, I wanna be as good as Lightning McQueen!
— Todd Marcus
Todd "The Shockster" Marcus
Todd Marcus
Gender Male
Friends/Allies Lightning McQueen (mentor), Mater
Enemies Chick Hicks
Current Status Alive
Also Known As The Shockster
Voice Actor(s) Jerry Trainor in Cars: Fast as Lightning only

Todd Marcus (aka The Shockster) is a character in the movie Cars, sponsored by No Stall. The only game he appears in as a playable character is Cars: Fast as Lightning. He is a friend of Lightning McQueen's. His appearance was made in "Fast as Peppa" and "Who's the Sleepyhead Now?" where Todd was too overjoyed to hear Peppa Pig talking on the phone. Jerry Trainer voices him in Cars: Fast as Lightning.