Peppa: *brings in some jars of Play-Doh* Here's your Play-Doh, Madame Gaze... *slips over on a banana peel* WOAH!!!

[Play-Doh splatters all over Peppa]

Peppa: Hmph!

Madame Gazelle: Be more careful next time, Peppa. Now, take the compost out to the chickens. *gives Peppa compost*

Peppa: Okay! *takes compost to the chickens*

[The chickens chase Peppa]

Peppa: *drops compost* AAARGH!!! THESE CHICKENS WON'T STOP CHASING MEEE!!! *gets inside the playgroup* Phew! Wait a minute. The chickens got inside the playgroup building! ARGH!!! *runs around the playgroup*

Emily: Madame Gazelle?

Madame Gazelle: Yes, Emily, dear?

Emily: Why did you hire Peppa to do those jobs? Clearly she's the clumsiest pig in the world.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Rebecca: Peppa, the only reason you make these mistakes is a natural result in not being touched by an angel.

Peppa: Well, why aren't I being touched by an angel?

Rebecca: Because you're not being nice to Emily.

Madame Gazelle: *rings bell* Home time!

[The parents arrive]

Mummy Pig: Time to go home, Peppa!

[Peppa & Mummy Pig get into the car]

Mummy Pig: *starts the car*

Peppa: Mum, Rebecca said that the reason I'm always failing is because I'm not being touched by an angel due to not being nice to Emily.

Mummy Pig: You're not always failing! You're just having accidents!

Peppa: You're right. I don't think angels would like Emily. She's so snobby, isn't African and we're lucky she's missing her tusks.

The next day......

Rebecca: See, Peppa? You've got to be nice to Emily.

Peppa: But she isn't nice to me.

Emily: I could eat and eat and eat and not gain an ounce, unlike some people around here. *glares at Suzy*

Suzy: EMMA-WART!!!

Danny: *scowls Emily*

Rebecca: Well, I guess she doesn't have any good qualities herself.

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