Characters :

  • Peppa Pig
  • George Pig
  • MummyPig
  • DaddyPig
  • Selmo Pig
  • Jase Pig
  • Suzy Sheep
  • Danny Dog
  • Rebecca Rabbit
  • Pedro Pony
  • Candy Cat
  • GrannyPig
  • GrandpaPig
  • Mrs.Rabbit

it is morning Peppa and George are still asleep


Peppa Pig : Oh Mommy , you shouldn't got pregnant , daddy also says that 2 kids are enough.

DaddyPig : ( Running up stairs)

DaddyPig : (Opening the door and running to the twins)

DaddyPig : what's wrong Selmo ?

Oh Dear Jase has took the blanket away from Selmo

DaddyPig : don't worry Selmo i'll get you another blanket

DaddyPig : (getting blanket from closet)

DaddyPig : (covering Selmo with blanket)

DaddyPig : there you go Selmo , now you can sleep

DaddyPig : ( walking back to bed)

MummyPig : is everything alright DaddyPig

DaddyPig : yes Mummypig , Jase just took the blanket away from Selmo and i gave him another one

Mummpig : alright , Good Night DaddyPig

DaddyPig : good night mummypig

(7 Hours Later)

Rooster : Screaming

Peppa : (waking up)

George : (waking up)

Peppa : it's morning (Laughs)

George : (Oinks)

Peppa : (Going down stairs)

George : (Going Down Stairs)

Peppa : morning , Mumy

George : mornign (Oinks)

Peppa : is Selmo and Jase still Asleep ?

MummyPig : yes , babies always wakes up late

Mummypig : I'm going to check on the babies

Peppa : and i'm going to play with george outside

George : (Oinks)

MummyPig : (Laughs) okay , have fun

Peppa : (Goes Outside)

George : (Goes Outside)

Peppa : hello everyone

Peppa's Friends : Hello , Peppa

Suzy  : baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhpp

Danny : (Barks)

Rebecca : (squaking)

Pedro : (doing horse sounf)

Candy cat : Miauw

Peppa Pig : you guys wanna play catch ?

Peppa's Friend : yes

(20 minutes later)

Here comes MummyPig , with Selmo and Jase in the stroller

Mummy : Hello Everyone , Playing catch

Peppa : (Oinks) yes mummy

Mummypig : (Laugs) i see

Peppa's friends  :  (Looking at Selmo and Jase)

Suzy Sheep : aaaaaaaaaaaaaw , they are so cute

Candy : and there much sweater then ......................

Peppa : don't even think about it Candy , last time you said that you made George cry >:( .

Candy : Oh Right , Sorry Peppa :( .

(18 Hours Later)

Peppa's friens went back home.

Mummypig : (Oink) Peppa wanna go buy toys for Jase and Selmo .

Peppa : (Oinks and Laughs) that sounds fun

George : (Oinks)

MummyPig : (Laughs) i think george wants to come too

Peppa : but remember George , we are going to buy toys for the twins

Goerge : Oh

Mummypig : don't worry George , you and Peppa could choose to toys for the twins

George : (Oinks and smiles)

Peppa : yipee , i'm going to choose a good toys for them

DaddyPig : come on , let's go

Peppa : wait Daddy , we can't go yet

DaddyPig : why not

Peppa : cause someone needs to loom after the twins (Jase and Selmo) when we are away)

MummyPig : Peppa is right , i'll call granny and grandpapig Telephone : (ringing)

GrandpaPig on Cellphone : Hello

MummyPig on Cellphone : Hello GrandpaPig can you watch over Jase and Selmo for us when were away.

GrandpaPig on Cellphone : ok

GrandpaPig : (hanging up)

MummyPig : (Hanging Up)

MummyPig : now we just need to wait for Granny and Grandpapig so we can leave

Car : (horning)

Peppa : it's granny and grandpa

GrannyPig And GrandpaPig : steping out of the car

Peppa : grannypig , GrandpaPig

George : DangiIg ,papaig (Oinks)

Grannypig : hello my little ones , and my new little ones.

MummyPig : Everything you need for the Twins are inside on the couch in the living room

GrannyPig : Alright .

Peppa,George,MummyPig,DaddyPig : (getting in the car)

MummyPig : (horns the car)

DaddyPig : Bye

GrannyPig : Bye

GrannyPig : (holding the stroller)

GrannyPig : Come On Jase and Selmo let's tale you back inside and watch television

GrandpaPig : That's a great idea GrannyPig

GrannyPig and GrandpaPig are watch television with Jase and Selmo\

(10 minutes later)


GrandpaPig :What's wrong Jase.

GrannyPig : i know what's wrong , she hungray


GrandpaPig : And so is Selmo

GrannyPig : (walking to the Kitchen)

GrannyPig : I'll go warm up the Milk

GrandpaPig : Uh , Great idea GrannyPig but you need to hurry.

(meanwhile @ the store)

DaddyPig : Alright , Peppa you go pick a toy for Jase

MummyPig : (Oinks) and you can go pick a toy for Selmo

  • To Be Continued*

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Release Date : October, 27 , 2013