Peppa Pig: I'm bored.

Petunia Pig: What should we do?

Peppa Pig: How about we go to China with you, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig?

Petunia Pig: Good idea!

Narrator: Meanwhile,..

The whole family: Wow! China's such a wonderful place!

Guide: Nín hǎo! Wǒ xīwàng nǐ lǚtú yúkuài.

Mummy Pig: I'm sorry, but what were you saying?

Guide: I'm saying "Hello! I wish you a pleasant journey"

George Pig: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Guide: Now, where do you want to go to? Beijing? Shanghai? Ürümqi? Hong Kong? You tell me!

Petunia Pig: How about Ürümqi?

Guide: Okay people, we're going to Ürümqi! Come on and get on this aeroplane.

~2 Hours Later~

Narrator: The family and the guide have arrived at a hotel in Ürümqi's city centre. A Jihadi terrorist group then come and shoot fire at Ürümqi.

Everyone: AAAAAAAH!!! Help us!

Petunia: Don't worry, I'll help you all! *pulls family out of fire*

Family and Guide: Thank you Petunia!

Narrator: When the family and the guide turn round to look at a sunset, they hear a scream. So they all look behind them, and see that Petunia has died, and is about to implode.


Guide: Go to Ürümqi Airport! Over there! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Narrator: Meanwhile, back in Peppa Town,..

The whole family: We sure will miss our dear Petunia.

[George throws a huge temper tantrum mourning Petunia's death]

Mummy Pig: Calm down, you'll be fine.


The End



Peppa's family on the plane


Peppa looking at a picture of Shanghai before they board the plane

Chinese Fire 2

The fire at the hotel in Ürümqi

Petunia imploding

Petunia imploding


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