Peppa: mum

Mummy pig: what

Peppa: mum

Mummy pig: what

Peppa: mum

Mummy pig: oh no

Daddy pig: *screaming*

Peppa: oh my god

Peppa: it's a frogdogblogfog

frogdogblogfog: hi i'm here to eat your soul

Peppa: no please don'---

george: oh goody!

Peppa: ?

crogchogyogmog: alright let's do this *eats george's soul*

soul: *is eat*

george: hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime pig

  • george fades away*

Peppa:.............*goes for a night on the town

Mummy pig rings

Peppa: *answers*

Mummy pig: Peppa where is george

Peppa: dead

Mummy pig: what

Peppa: at the supermarket

Mummy pig: okay *hangs up*



Peppa: oh sorry.

i'm never going to finish this


  • i don't know what a frogdogblogfog/crogchogyogmog is

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