Ulioch Park is the first episode of Peppa: After High School.


[Peppa and her friends are at Ulioch Park's water slide Sach]

Peppa: Welcome to our graduation party former high school senior classmates at Ulioch Park. We're all going to ride the Sach all at once for the perfect selfie.

Emily: I don't think that's safe. Everyone on that slide will die.

Candy Cat: The ultimate selfie? I know I hate you Peppa, but with a waterproof camera in a water slide. That's awesome.

Emily: Why won't everyone listen to me? *walks away with clique*

Classmate #1: Let's do it!

[Peppa's friends, classmates, and other people who attended senior year go into the Sach, but it collapses into a pool. The collapsed water slide goes into a tunnel, which leads to the Pacific ocean. The Pacific ocean leads to Orlando, Flordia.]

Peppa: [crying] I should've listened to Emily and now my friends are dead. I escaped that tube and now it's floating away.

To be continued...

The End

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