A universe is a world which houses many talking and bipedal animals. There are currently 13 universes so far. The Peppaverse and the Pippaverse were both the original universes, but time-space accidents have created the other universes. An inter-pig rift prevents universes from intersecting each other, and the only way to travel between them is by an Inter-Universe Portal.


  1. Peppaverse (Peppa Pig)
  2. Pippaverse (Pippa pork)
  3. Poppyverse (Poppy Pog)
  4. Pieverse (Peppa Pie)
  5. Elepeppaverse (Peppa elepig)
  6. Bleppaverse (Bleppa Blig)
  7. Plantverse (The Plants Of Creation)
  8. Peepaverse (Peepa Pige)
  9. Objectverse (only in TWOPP episode "The Portal")
  10. Dr. Peppaverse (Dr. Peppa)
  11. Pehpuhverse (Pehpuh Pip)
  12. Pihpahverse (Pihpah Tap)
  13. Peppoverse (Peppo Pud)


The 2 default universes get smaller each day and create new universes. A Universe Sink keeps the universes big.