Cassie Moats

aka Cassandra

  • I live in Not telling
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Girl
  • Cassie Moats

    I Suppose your all wondering on why i created Candy Cat the series. and with a lot of good reasons that is different in comparansion to Peppa Pig's TV show. it's edicational, teaches children something, and most importantly DOESN'T teach Children how to act like pigs!!! and there are reasons why i choose Candy over that annoying, cheeky, unlearnable BRAT OF A PIG!

    1. She rarely appears on the show.
    2. She isn't that big of a brat like Peppa.
    3. Her father doesn't seem to be an idiot like Peppa's dad.
    4. Her mother doesn't seem to always correct mistakes like Peppa's mom.
    5. She also might be Scottish sense both her parents are that.

    And i'm planning Peppa episodes on focusing why Candy Cat start her own show. called "The Bike Race", "Peppa's Football team", and "…

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