I found out that the creator of the Carristawn map was Theo999. I also figured out who created other maps.

  • Peppa Country - Piggabubblyboo456 (First, I thought Brandonmcabee created that map.)
  • PaulMap (unusual map) - Marcos19
  • Peppatown between America\Europe - Johnny06
  • Alman Island - Johnathanmonaghan
  • Huntley - Joshuageorge06
  • Isla Nubar - Liopleurodons (Why in the world would he create a map that has nothing to do with this wiki?)
  • Peppa Pig in South Jakarta - Undhee
  • Peppaverse map - Icebloxion
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming - InSaNeJOY

How did I know who created these maps? I added these maps onto VisualEditor and I saw their names below the maps.

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