Remember this blog I made on my old account?:

I'm going to remake it, give it better grammar, puncuation, and all over rewrite it (it won't change too much).

Peppa Pig was born in 1900. In childhood years, she was a bossy, but likeable child. Entering her teenage years, she became a heavy drinker, smoker, and sometimes even got hold of illegal drugs. Growing up, her only friend was a teddy bear. Due to all her acoholic and drug-addict natures, she got cancer at the age of 19, and she died in her bed on a cold November morning, with her teddy next as she drew final breath.

Geroge Pig was born in 1903. He never really knew his older sister, but he had some good memories with her. He never really interacted with anyone, and like Peppa, he had a toy in which was his bestfriend, a toy dinosaur. He was very attatched to it, but as he got older, he began to loose interest in it. At the age of 16, when his sister died, he became chronically depressed, but he got through it. At the age of 18, on a snowy winter's day, he was walking over a frozen lake. The ice wasn't dense enough to carry his weight, so it broke, and George fell into the freezing water, he drowned, and his body was found the following day. Strangely, he died on the anniversary of Peppa's death.

Suzy Sheep was born in 1905. Growing up, she always wanted to become a nurse. That dream came true sometime later in her life. One day, at the age of 21, she made a horrible mistake. She accidentally injected the wrong fluid into a patient, leading him to death. The hospital was sued for £200 by the family of the patient. Suzy felt overridden with guilt. She couldn't live with it, so she commit suicide a few weeks after the incident. She hung herself in a forest somewhere near her house.

Rebecca Rabbit was born in 1909. As she grew up, she always had a good relationship with her younger brother, Richard. However, as they got older, they began to start fighting and bickering a lot more. This lead to Rebecca becoming a heavy alcoholic. When she was 21, she decided to drive Richard's car without his permission. She was drinking and driving at the same, something that leads to many car accidents. Rebecca became drunk, and she crashed into a wall. She was rushed to hopsital, and died while she was in a coma while there.

Richard Rabbit was born in 1912. There's not much to say about him, other than the fact that he was a rather nice child growing up. After the death of sister, he came down with a major depression. He couldn't handle the depression anymoee, so at the age of 19, he went to a lake near his house, tied bricks to himself, and jumped into the lake, causing him to drown. Strange enough, he drowned himself in the same lake where George died a few years prior.

Danny Dog was born in 1916. As he grew up, his father was almost never home, usually on sailing trips, and his mother neglected him most of the time. When he was 18, he went on a fishing trip in a river near his house. It was a stormy night, which caused the water to be very rough. This caused the boat to break. Danny struggled not to drown, but the waves were too strong. His body was found the next day.