I'm taking a break for this wiki, because I contribute in PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki right now.

Post the replys if you want it.

NOTE: I can't taking this Wiki anymore. So I working on PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki. We need few days and months.

Update 1: I blocked for 3 months because is a bad news. Unless for me to go traveling with my dad on Brooklyn, New York City for 2 weeks to return Puerto Rico is good news in June 2016.

Update 2: I'll be contributing on Shintoku Pig Fanon Wikia.

Update 3: My block in PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki expires on September 9, because added 3 months more by sockpuppet.

Update 4: SmokythePolicePup accepted my apology to get unblock me in PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki, is a great news.

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