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  • I live in Oxfordshire, England
  • My occupation is Hunting Other Animals and "Playing" With Hot Girl Plushes (like Rosalina, Leni Loud, etc.)
  • I am Male
  • Liopleurodons

    I'm planning on working on a crossover of Peppa Pig and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The crossover will begin in December 30th 2016 (to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Aqua Teens) This will be a very long crossover. The running time is 1 hour and 32 minutes (it's not a movie, it's a feature-length special) The rating is TV-MA. It will air on Adult Swim. Will feature just about every character from Peppa Pig and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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  • Liopleurodons

    A quick update

    March 25, 2016 by Liopleurodons

    OK good news, Tomorrow, I will be unblocked from Battle for Dream Island Fanfiction Wiki! I created a page called The Battle For Dream Island. Here's the link of the page, I was supposed to release the teaser trailer on Friday (not today, last Friday), but I didn't have time, the next day, I was blocked for no actual reason (I wasn't fighting, I was just asking NLG343 (who is a user in Battle For Dream Island Fanfiction Wiki) I was just asking him wheter he respects my opinion on Pencil (which she is my least favorite character in BFDI) OK, this is what the teaser trailer is supposed to be.

    Enjoy the trailer.

    (Sony Logo)

    Columbia Pictures Logo)


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  • Liopleurodons

    Suzy: Hey Danny! I have a question to you! What rat walks on two legs?

    (Try to think as well!)

    Danny: I give up! What?

    Suzy: Mickey Mouse! Ba-dum-tss!! Oh yeah, one more. What duck walks on two legs?

    (Think as well!)

    Danny: It's Donald Duck! Ba-dum-tss!!

    Suzy: Enk!!! All ducks walk with two legs!

    Mummy Pig's Letter:

    Dear Miss Rabbit,

    I wrote a letter on Monday so I can mail it on Tuesday, and you'll receive it on Wednesday, you'll read it on Thursday, you'll answer it on Friday, then you'll mail it on Saturday so I can use the pounds on Sunday.

    Best regards, Mummy Pig

    Miss Rabbit's reply to her letter:

    Dear Mummy Pig,

    The letter that you wrote on Monday that you mailed on Tuesday, that I received on Wednesday, then I read on Thursday then answered on F…

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