OK good news, Tomorrow, I will be unblocked from Battle for Dream Island Fanfiction Wiki! I created a page called The Battle For Dream Island. Here's the link of the page, I was supposed to release the teaser trailer on Friday (not today, last Friday), but I didn't have time, the next day, I was blocked for no actual reason (I wasn't fighting, I was just asking NLG343 (who is a user in Battle For Dream Island Fanfiction Wiki) I was just asking him wheter he respects my opinion on Pencil (which she is my least favorite character in BFDI) OK, this is what the teaser trailer is supposed to be.

Enjoy the trailer.

Battle For Dream Island Movie Teaser Trailer Transcript

(Sony Logo)

Columbia Pictures Logo)

(Jacknjellify Logo)

(shows a birds eye view of Battle For Dream Island)

(Firey is shown eating a sandwich when he suddenly sees something)

(3 female objects are shown, one of them is waving)

(Firey gulps, then waves back)

(one of the female objects winks)

(Firey winks back)

(one of the female objects kisses)

(Firey kisses back, but what he didn't notice is right above him in the tree he's sitting down in the shade is a handsome object that resembles a perfume bottle doing the same thing as Firey is doing)

(one of the female objects is doing the thumb thing to come)

(Firey tries to come but the handsome object spills a cup of water at Firey's eyes and jumps down the tree)

(Firey is now blind due to the water in his eyes)

(the handsome object comes with the three female objects)

(Firey is blind that he didn't notice there's a tree behind him and burns the tree)

(Micheal Jackson Bad music plays)

(This Thanksgiving logo shows; November 25th 2016 in Yahoo! Movies)

(an object resembling a key tries to open the gate, but Firey comes through the gate, burning it, thus killing the key object)

(Firey is walking in the street)

Object resembling a vending machine: Hey Firey, how are you?

Firey: Oh, I'm horrible!

(Firey as Adam Katz logo shows)

(Firey is sleeping in his bed in his house when banging is heard)

(a flowerpot falls in Firey's window and lands in Firey and the flowerpot gets burnt)

Firey: Ow!

(scene cuts to outside Firey's House, where a baseball cap is shown kicking a soccer ball continously in Firey's house)

(Firey opens his front door and sees the baseball cap playing soccer)

(Firey walks near the baseball cap)

(the baseball cap is smiling at Firey)

(Firey smiles back at the kid object and burns him)

(Michael Huang as Leafy logo showns)

Pencil: We're going to be working on mangaing our problems through movement!

(Leafy does yoga)

Leafy: Eagle, parrot, peacock, warrior, fountain, tree, rabbit, fish, pogo stick, king pigeon, and of course downward.... (Leafy floats) Whoa!!!!!!!!!!

Firey: (sighs)

(Aceland Alexander Kent as Pin logo shows)

Pin: Sometimes, when I get  upste, I have been known to,,,, uhh, charge and stab.

(scene cuts to Pin walking home to his house)

(lights turn on Pin's House)

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!

Pin: (screaming) (stabbing and screaming can be heard in Pin's House)

(after all that stabbing, the scene cuts to the damage in Pin's House and what happened to the guests)

(an object resembling a Pineapple drops all the fruit in the fruit bowl)

(Pin is shown to be stabbing Match in the chest)

Pin: Ahhh, excuse me, party pooper!

(Match falls out of pin's sharp point, and ends up leaving a puddle of blood)

(Justin Napolitano as Announcer logo showns)

(a ship is shown riding in the ocean, then suddenly stops)

(a whole crowd of objects is seeing it, then the ship door opens)

Announcer: Greetings, I am an announcer.

Leafy: (whispers in Firey's ear) What's an announcer?

(the esclator in the ship suddenly stops)

Announcer: Unbelieavable!

Firey Speaker Box: (having problems with a remote) Not working, not working!

(escalator goes back to the ship)

Announcer: Where are we going?

Announcer: (talking to the Firey speaker box) We've practiced this a hundred times, give it to me. We're going to come in again!

(the Battle For Dream Island movie logo shows)

(Firey is walking into an anger managment class when he comes up with an annoying mechanical object making annoying sounds and movements)

(Firey is getting so annoying with the sign, that he is nearly about to get angry, but then he calms down)

(Firey ignores the sign)

(Firey walks past the sign to the anger managment class, when he gets so annoyed that he suddenly burns the mechanical object)

(logo is shown showing the main voice actors of the movie, Adam Katz, Michael Huang,  Aceland Alexander Kent, Justin Napolitano, Maya Rudolph, Kacie Chapman, Kate McKinnon, and Peter Dinklage)

(this Thanksgiving logo shows; November 25th, 2016 in Yahho! Movies)

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