Question and Answer Starring Suzy and Danny

Suzy: Hey Danny! I have a question to you! What rat walks on two legs?

(Try to think as well!)

Danny: I give up! What?

Suzy: Mickey Mouse! Ba-dum-tss!! Oh yeah, one more. What duck walks on two legs?

(Think as well!)

Danny: It's Donald Duck! Ba-dum-tss!!

Suzy: Enk!!! All ducks walk with two legs!

Letter for a Week Starring Mummy Pig and Miss Rabbit

Mummy Pig's Letter:

Dear Miss Rabbit,

I wrote a letter on Monday so I can mail it on Tuesday, and you'll receive it on Wednesday, you'll read it on Thursday, you'll answer it on Friday, then you'll mail it on Saturday so I can use the pounds on Sunday.

Best regards, Mummy Pig

Miss Rabbit's reply to her letter:

Dear Mummy Pig,

The letter that you wrote on Monday that you mailed on Tuesday, that I received on Wednesday, then I read on Thursday then answered on Friday then mailed it on Saturday. Only to let you know at Sunday that I have no more money.

Love love love, Miss Rabbit

Master of Mathematics Starring Richard and Edmond

Edmond: Richard, 4 + 5 = ?

Richard: 9!

Edmond: Very Good! 5 + 4 = ?

Richard: 6!

Edmond: Wrong. I just reversed the question!

Richard: So I also reversed the answer!

Scientifically Confusing Starring Miss Rabbit and Edmond

Edmond: May I buy something?

Miss Rabbit: What are you intending to buy?

Edmond: Do you have a liquid solution that was mixed evenly with organic and inorganic compound substances that has undergone fermentation and sealed inside a solid state of matter in a homogeneous mixture?

Miss Rabbit: Huh???

Edmond: I WANT A SODA!!!

Panic at the Bathroom Starring Peppa and George


George: What is it?

Peppa: The soap does make bubbles and it is not slippery!

George: Of course, you haven't rinsed it with water yet!

Peppa: The soap said "For dry skin"!!! Not for wet skin bro!

K9 and 10 Starring George and Edmond

George: Edmond, in polices, why are dogs called K9?

Edmond: Because if you call them K10, there not dogs anymore.

George: What are they now?

Edmond: Baby cats.

High Five Starring Emily and Mister Skinnylegs

Mister Skinnylegs: Hold my hand...

Emily: No! Because of I touch you I will get poisoned!

Mister Skinnylegs: Wow your so smart!

Emily: You can say that again!

Mister Skinnylegs: High Five!

Emily: High Five!

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