George: Is Peppa ok?

Peppa: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (becomes Nyan Peppa)

George: What the-

Peppa: Nya nya nya nya nya!

Crazy peppa

Nyan Peppa!

Mummy Pig: No Peppa, don't

Peppa: (crashes into wall)

Daddy Pig: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! You broke the tv! Your lucky I just ordered a new one!

Peppa: (sings Nyan Cat theme while flying)

Suzy: Oh my GOD!

Peppa: Sheep power up! (tries to eats Suzy)

Suzy: HELP!

Peppa: (turns normal) Waht happened?

Suzy: You tried to EAT me!

Mummy Pig: You slammed trough the wall!

Daddy Pig: And broke the TV I was gonna throw away!

George: Daddy's reason sucks!

Peppa: I'm still flying! WEEEEE!

                THE END

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