So basically there was once this awful film called Foodfight. Here how it should've been...

In an alternate universe, there is a local general store named "Marketoplis" owned by former law enforcement cheif Dex Dougie. The old man proceeds to the counter only to find his store being robbed by a cat burglar.The burglar is revealed to be Sunshine Goodness, a former high school drama queen. The two both agree that they should not be enemies anymore and instead be friends. Dex, closes the store for the night and both go out for some dinner. 

The next day, everything died. Tom Turkey, mascot for a fictional canned food producers with the same name is kidnapped by the evil ClorX brand of plastic trash bags. Mr. Clipboard, the original mascot for the company claims that its his fault, since he is currently a crazy old man.  At the "Basketball Court", the Judge (Water), pleads Mr. Clipboard not guilty and says there is no evidence that he did it.

Meanwhile , Lady X kidnaps Dr. Neatness and plans to take over the world. The CEO comes in and ruins everything. Lady X hates the CEO, due to the fact he makes ClorX look stupid. Lady X tells the CEO to take a hike off a cliff and he does. Then, Lady X talks about her plan to dominate the world at a meeting. Everybody agrees with her taking over the world. Her plan starts to succeed.

Dex and Sunshine sneak into the headquarters of ClorX and pretend to be executives. When they sneak into the cell room, it is revealed that Mr. Clipboard and the rest of the mascots have been kidnapped also. Dex and Sunshine are later caught red-handed by Lady X. They are taken to the cell where Mr. Clipboard is trapped. Lady X gets a phone call that she needs to go on a business trip for a day. 

Mr. Clipboard gives Dex a key that he stole from Lady X. Dex uses it to free everyone else. Everyone goes out and hides in "Marketoplis". Dex locks the store, so that everyone could be safe. Everything starts going back to normal.

The next day, Lady X comes back from her trip and finds out that they escaped. She apologizes for kidnapping everyone and gives up her evil ways. She is revealed to be the younger sister of Sunshine, Jenny Goodness. 

Dex reveals that he is retiring and moving to Roja Good View. He says goodbye to everyone and says he will visit once in a while and sells the store to Mr. Clipboard. The two have a defining moment and everyone cries. Dex goes to the airport just in time to get on a plane. When the plane takes off, everyone is desperate, but they can contact him at any time.

At his new house, a depressed Dex looks at pictures of his friends, which starts to make him happy.

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