The following events seen in these entries were salvaged from an abandoned asylum...

September 22, 1956

It has been ten years since my daughter, Chloe died by contacting the devil himself and twelve years since my husband's murder.

Me and my friends were driving to California, but we picked up a hitchhiker when we stopped at Las Vegas. We agreed to drive the hitchhiker guy. The stranger had a blank look on his face. 

A year later which is today, I bought an abandoned resort near the tiny town of Orlando. The resort closed down in 1951 for unknown reasons.

Eh, it was cheap for a cheap building.

September 29, 1956

We were having a party for buying a very large property. I decided to take a shower and out of the window was the hitchhiker guy. He still had that blank, creepy expression on his face. Everybody believed me, except for Jason. It was strange that he had a satanic symbol on his back. Late at night, the door opened and me and Jason were on the couch. The door creaking and making strange sounds. Jason went out of the door and never came back. I went out of the door and Jason was found dead.

A neighbor told me that recently a hitchhiker has been killing people from state to state. 

I guess death is very common in my life.

October 6, 1956

You know how my life has strange coincidences? The day after Jason's strange death, my friends were in a car and it drove into a river. The bridge had a history with death. I've been forced to live in this creepy Victorian mansion to babysit a boy. When I got in, the grandmother seemed quite odd. She said the third floor is off limits and the old man does not want to be disturbed. The boy's name was Henry and his parents just died. He noted me that the grandmother is actually his grandpa's wife. I was in the bathroom and a hand grabbed me. I thought it was Henry, but I looked and I was bleeding. Things were strange , such as the lady her butler. Who in the world kiss their butler? Later, I snuck into the third floor and hid there. The lady noted the Butler, "they can't leave him in the garage forever". I later went out of the house and his in the garage. And saw this...

A dead body. I learned that the Butler and the lady were Myra and Jack Ripper. They were atrocious serial killers in England during 1920s and murdered rich people.They killed Henry's grandmother and poisoned his grandfather after she married him. 

I was fired from my job and my life is horrific.

October 7, 1956

A series of murders have nbeen occurring since 1 AM this morning. If youyou see a possessed sleepwalker, please report him/her to Camp Asylum immediately.

October 8, 1956

I remembered being possessed by the devil himself. I've been living in this asylum for a day and it's strict. I have limited free time and its work, work, work.

October 31, 1956

This morning, I've found the asylum quiet. There were many dead bodies on the floor and I passed out. 

I woke up and it was dark and I found trick or treaters dead outside.

I wanted to commit su-----

Dear mommy, 

Your titime is up on this world and join usus under here, Kylie.

Love your daughter, Chloe

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