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  • Peppa Pig

    Fifth grade class

    December 23, 2015 by Peppa Pig
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  • Peppa Pig

    I decided to do Emily's language this time

    Peppa: Today is our lot in class field trips for class * * Bye journey, Goldie! Wish me luck! Me and Danny Dogs already know what we are picking up, Monster Truck Rally! So what if Emily Elephant, beautiful princess Peppaland, explains the copy cats all her friends to pick bongo drums. South. This year, there are more boys, and I told Pedro Pony if they did not vote trucks, I want to tell Suzy sheep not marry him. Suzy sheep are my best friend, and he will vote for whatever I say.

    Suzy: Where do I even start, Peppa Pig? I vote Mapperson's Bakery.

    Peppa: But Suzy sheep! What about car-eat-Saurus quarter that eats the whole car?

    Suzy: So? Mapperson's Bakery hands out free samples free! And I'd rather se…

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  • Peppa Pig

    Look at the difference between this and this

    Peppa: Today is our annual trip vote for class field trips for class * * Goodbye, Goldie! Wish me luck! Me and Danny Dog I know what you are collecting, MONSTER TRUCK RALLY! What if Emily Elephant, the beautiful princess of Peppaland, tells all cat friends to collect copies bongo. Africa. This year, there are more guys, and I said to Peter Pony if he did not vote trucks, Suzy Sheep I would not marry him. Suzy Sheep's my best friend, and she will vote for what I say.

    Suzy: Where to even begin, Peppa Pig? I'm voting Mapperson bakery.

    Peppa: But Suzy sheep! What about car theft-saurus car-eating eating whole set?

    Suzy: And? Mapperson bakery distributes free samples free! And I rather see me eat cinnamo…

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