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Congratulations to the User of the Month: December: HinoDusk! Please make a page about yourself being an User of the Month or something!


Hello Peppapidia users, I'm DinoTheHero and I decided to make a contest for each month. The contest is called, "User of the Month" and it's about making more edits on this wiki and including: more canon episodes that aired, more fanon episodes and more characters pages. So keep making some edits!


You can only vote ONCE and you can NOT vote for yourself (you will be disqualified-not participate). If you want to vote for somebody, please check their username. Vote in the comments and we'll see the nominees! Please be nice to the winner and not post mean comments

How to vote

Vote the person you want to be nominated in the comments! (or here- with the date)

Example:Username123 11/11/14

You will add the "Nominee" name and the "Nominator" name as well.

~Want to ask me a question? Go to DinoTheHero blog page!

*voting is optional*

this is a poll, right??

The poll was created at 02:12 on December 9, 2014, and so far 12 people voted.


  • The winners' name will be on the main/home page!
  • You'll make a new page and include the winner name and month (people who wasn't nominated or won can make an edit on the page and/or comment)

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