Vernon, Stephanie, Lily and Daniel's house is the bungalow where Vernon, Stephanie, Lily and Daniel Pig live.


Vernon and Stephanie's Bedroom

A bedroom with bluish violet walls and pearl green trimming. The bed is silver with white sheets. There is a television mounted below a photo of the The Pig Family Reunion. The ceiling light is a simple pink ceiling lamp with a bulb in it. There are two bedside lamps, both coloured pink. The floor is pearl green, matching the color of the wall trimming.

Family Room

The walls are light yellowish green. The trimming on the walls are white. There is not a television, that is located in the TV room, instead there is a fireplace with some tools beside it. There are 3 couches, all colored pearl green. A purple chair is located near the entrance to the TV room.

Television Room


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