Scary eyes Warning: The following page contains horror elements. If you are easily scared, stop reading this. We suggest you go to another page instead.

My name is Emily Elephant

A day has passed

I used to have friends

Peppa, Brianna, Pedro, Edna, Elizabeth, Sam Swine 

They're all dead

I have a boyfriend who I just met

His name is James

My raft is in my suitcase

Ever since I met him

I hope Lisa isn't next

Two days ago

At dinner

James told me about a website about theme parks

Called "Theme Park Fanatics"

Since he loves theme parks

In one fourm

It said

There used to be a theme park in Orlando

Called Parque Attractions

It opened in 1969 and close a year later

The reason is unknown

Though James knew a person

Who went to the theme park everyday

And filmed the last moments

The first hour was about the rides

It was boring

The second was about food

The third was about Orlando's tourism

Which was the good part

The fourth sucked

The fifth was okay

The final hour was scary

The person saw a figure murdering children

It said 

The Butler Did It

It was pretty scary 

Then the same figure appeared and grabbed me

I woke up in my hotel room and everyone was surriunding my bed

James said...

That Butler almost killed Lisa, you, and I

Peppa said...

You freed us again

Sam Swine said...

You deserved to have a medal


The Butler appeared

I said...


Elizabeth said...

Don't worry he's cuffed and the police are taking him to prison for a very long time

James proposed to me and said...

Will you marry me

I said...


James said...

The raft will also be in the family for generations

It was awesome getting married

And we all lived happily every after

Except for the butler who's in prison for a long time

The End