The Vuldolaxup Center is a rehabilitation center for former serial killers who want to not commit any crimes. It is located somewhere in New York.

Kira and Kimi Finster were almost sent there because of murdering Coco Labouche, but the charges were dropped after it was revealed that Coco used to kidnap children and kill them and Coco was legally sentenced to death.

In 1999, it was founded by Donup Tiso, a Sallyish native who is related to a complete psychopath.

People who have been sent there

Current residents 

  • Evioth - For impersonating EvolvedMoth.
  • Sallyish evil clown - Some evil clown who was sent for being crazy.


Former residents

  • Michael Myers (August - October 2006) - The Pedo Pony star wanted to live as a normal person, not a murderer. He checked into rehab, after filming for the eleventh season finished taping. Due to an evil clown breaking his legs the night after taping ended, he had to be in a wheelchair. He was aided with a cane after his legs recovered. This explains why he doesn't wear the mask in later seasons and walks with a cane. While at rehab, Michael got plastic surgery.
  • Tannica Eparlish (March 1 - October 4, 2005) Tannica was sent into rehab after killing an entire city in Hogland. She died while having her legs removed on October 4, 2005.
  • Carrie Finger (December 11, 1999 - January 25, 2000)