Peppa: I want some Water it is hot out here.

Daddy Pig: i know lets go to well Miss Rabbit sells water

Mommy Pig: NO Miss Rabbit is helping Mommy Sheap with Sammy cause Suzy went to her cousin's house

Peppa: Oh well maybe we  can see if she has all that water is there

Mommy pig: ok but just this once

(at Suzy's  house)

Peppa: Miss Rabbit do you have any water

Miss Rabbit: yes we do i am not going dink it anymore

Peppa: why

Miss Rabbit: Ummmm well lets just say that the bed is wet.

Peppa: oh i see Miss Rabbit have all the water you want don't just dink it like did

Peppa: I love water

Daddy pig: me two

Mommy Pig: me three. (end)

Moral of the story, don't let little kids hold your donuts...

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