Mummy Pig: Alright, Peppa, I've arranged a playdate for you and Wally this afternoon.

Peppa: Hooray! Can my gang come?

Mummy Pig: I don't see why not.


[Mummy Pig, Peppa and her gang get into the car]

Mummy Pig: Now, where was Wally's caravan again?

Peppa: In the middle of the woods somewhere.

Mummy Pig: I'll call Mummy Warthog. *calls Mummy Warthog* So, where's your caravan again? Okay, got it. Bye! *drives there*

Peppa: Hooray!

[She, Suzy, Danny and Pedro go in]

Wally: Welcome! This me little sister Wilma, this Mummy Warthog and this Daddy Warthog.

[Wilma, Mummy Warthog and Daddy Warthog grunt]

Peppa: What?

Wally: Them speak Hoggish.

Peppa: More like grunt Hoggish.

Suzy: Let's teach them English, starting with Wilma!

Wally: She just learning Hoggish. We no want to mess up skill.

Danny:Can you translate Hoggish to us?

Wally: Sure!

Mummy Warthog: *grunts*

Wally: She said....

Suzy: She said what?

Wally (lying): She say we should play outside!

[They go outside]

Peppa: Um... Wally? Where are you?

[They go back in the caravan]

Wally: *hides a sick Mummy Warthog under the blanket*

Peppa: Why didn't you come with us?

Wally (lying): Me tired. *fakes a yawn*

Peppa: Okay! Come on, Suzy, Danny and Pedro! Let's jump up and down in muddy puddles!

[She, Suzy, Danny and Pedro go out and go puddle jumping]

Peppa: How did Wally get so tired?

Suzy: Last night, maybe?

Peppa: Let's go back inside now.

[They go back inside]

Wally: Hello, Peppa!

Peppa: How'd you wake up so fast?

Wally (lying): Me wake up when me hear you footstep.

[Dr. Brown Bear, Belinda, Bertie, Brianna, Emily and Lisa come]


Dr. Brown Bear: It's Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Danny: But what's with Emily and Lisa?

Dr. Brown Bear: Brianna insisted I bring them.

Pedro: But who's sick?

Peppa: Wouldn't be surprised if it's you, with all your allergies.

Dr. Brown Bear: Mummy Warthog.

Wally: Oh, man! *lets her out*

Dr. Brown Bear: Couldn't understand that grunting, so I don't know what she's got.

Wally: Phew.

Mummy Warthog: *comes out*


Peppa: What?

Wally: Mummy have warthogitis, and she was telling you to keep you distance.

Peppa: Why didn't you tell us?

Wally: Me think you be offended.

Pedro: Well, that's very sweet, Wally, but you should've told us.

Suzy: We wouldn't be offended at all!

Peppa: Well, gang, if we have to keep our distance, we will.

[They all laugh]


  • Despite not speaking Hoggish, Mummy Pig understood Mummy Warthog on the phone.

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