Wally Warthog
Wally Warthog is a Hoggish warthog who was introduced in Wally Warthog (episode). He was the first full-time member of Peppa's gang since the formation. He left the gang and joined Emily's clique temporarily in the episode Emily's Holiday. Due to coming from a foreign country, he speaks bad English.

Peppa Pig: The Fractured But Whole

Wally appears in the game as a member of Peppa’s gang. He is unlocked as an ally after the player defeats his parents who are forcing Wally to celebrate a Hoggish party called Hogfest. Here Wally is also shown to have an incredibly fat sister named Big Betsy Warthog.

Peppa Pig: The Clique Clash

Wally plays a major role in PP:TCC. He is a playable during multiplayer in chapter 1, the bonus stages, and the final chapter. He has a charge ability ability which replaces his sprint ability. He is also the only character other than the clique and the main four characters to play a major role in all five chapters.

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He does not care about the humans.