Madame Gazelle: Class, I'd like you to meet Wally Warthog.

Wally: Hello. Me from Hogland.

Emily: Hogland? Sounds a bit African! Welcome to the clique, Wally!

Wally: Me no want hang out with you. Me want hang out with her!

Peppa: Who, me?

Wally: Yes, you. You pig like me.

Peppa: Um, okay. Welcome to the playgroup, Wally!

Wally: Thank you! Me like you! What you name?

Peppa: I'm Peppa! This is Suzy, Danny, and Pedro!

Wally: Mph! Me like! Wait. Where Peppa and Suzy go?

In the girls' washroom...

Rebecca: Hello, Peppa, what can I help you with?

Peppa: This Wally. He's... disgusting and he's so obsessed with me!

Rebecca: You just need to get to know him. I'm sure he's a nice warthog.

Suzy: Yeah, right.

Rebecca: Look, let's come out of here and I'll say hello to him.

[They come out]

Rebecca: Hello, Wally, my name is Rebecca Rabbit, and...

Wally: ME LIKE REBECCA! Wait. PEPPA! ME LOOK EVERYWHERE FOR YOU! *chases Peppa around the building*

Madame Gazelle: Children, stop running!

Emily: You may disgust Peppa but she's the only disgusting one, Wally.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Wally: NO!

In the computer lab...

Peppa: *pants* I think we lost him.

[The bell rings]

Suzy: *gulps*

Danny: How do we get outside without Wally finding us?

Peppa: Aha! A door! *presses the button*

Alarm: FIRE! FIRE!

[Everyone goes outside]

[The fire brigade come]

Madame Gazelle: I must've left today's lunch burning!

Peppa: It's time I...

Madame Gazelle: No time for that, Peppa. There's a fire at the kitchen window!

Peppa: Wait. What?

[The fire brigade put it out]

Peppa: Madame Gazelle, you must listen. Wally was chasing us around, so we hid in the computer lab. When it was outside time, we accidentally went out the fire door and sounded the alarm.

Madame Gazelle: Well, I have to thank you, but do keep in mind that that's the fire door, okay?

Peppa: Sure.

Pedro: What's wrong with Wally, anyway?

Suzy: Yeah!

Peppa: You're right! Hi, Wally, and welcome to the gang!

Wally: HOORAY! First you keep run away, now we friend!

[They all laugh]