Wasps are characters in Peppa Pig.


Wasps have a long yellow body with black stripes, clear wings and an very skinny stinger. They also have 6 legs and a head with black eyes.


Season 25

  • A demon's bug (debut)
  • Picnic havoc
  • Flori's date
  • Peppa's bee hive
  • Mister Skinnylegs's revenge
  • Mabel's bug digesting
  • Queen Wasp's takeover

Season 26

  • Fall of the Wasps
  • Dawn at New Orleans
  • Morning at New Orleans
  • Afternoon at New Orleans
  • Dusk at New Orleans
  • Evening at New Orleans
  • Night at New Orleans
  • Midnight at New Orleans
  • Farewell to New Orleans
  • Queen Wasp's revenge
  • Tiny Riser
  • Return of the Wasps (latest appearance)

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