It will be released on June 23, 2990. After this episode, the series will focus on George because Peppa dies.

It is the first episode since We're Running Out Of Creative Plotlines So We're Just Going To Kill Off A Bunch Of Minor Characters to use CelAction2D and Madame Gazelle resurrects before singing The Bing Bong Song


The episode opens with the narrator explaining that he would doubt that Peppa will survive this episode and the Peppaverse will end.

Peppa dies ten seconds into the episode after getting abducted by The Visitors. George says "Oh my god! They killed Peppa" and Daddy Pig says "You bastards!" Christmas music plays in the background after she dies.

At Peppa's funeral, the aliens try to cancel Peppa Pig, but fail. George defends the series by becoming the main character. Peppa's dead body lays on Pedro's grave and Pedro's ghost seeks revenge on them.

Suzy dies of natural causes and the Peppaverse is coming to an end. The Queen of England is still alive and decides to kill them. The aliens leave and fall into a black hole. 

The Queen gets a gun and commits suicide. Pedro's ghost shocks all of the creatures that are un-anthropomorphic. All of the trees are cut down and the Peppaverse is dying. Every ocean, river, creek, pond,  and type of water is also polluted. It has become a wasteland and in one hour it's the end.

Fifty-eight minutes later, Daddy Pig almost dies of a heart attack. He is taken to a rocket ship with Mummy Pig and George. They take off as the Peppaverse becomes a hot and dry planet. The planet burns and it's abandoned.

One month later, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and George find a planet inhabited by the creature formerly known as Enderpig. George dumps Earth water and throws Earth dirt/grass. The planet becomes inhabited with dozens of people from The Bully. They name it Unialxay and sing The Bing Bong Song  (not the one from Inside Out) as it ends.

The End


John Sparkles as everyone except George

Lily Snowden-Fine as George Pig