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This article has been rated 10 meaning it may contain censored swearing in it.
Weed day is an MLG parody of the episode "Fruit"


Narrator: Today is weed day at the supermarket!

Daddy Pig: Look! It's Fedora Master!

Mummy Pig: Mrs Noscope!

Peppa: Sweet Trickshooter and Little Skrub!

Little Skrub: [Airhorn]

Pig family: [Laughs]

Weed mascots (singing):

First we fuck bitches, then we get money,
First we fuck bitches, then we get money,
First we fuck bitches, then we get money,
First we fuck bitches.

Fedora Master: Welcome to weed day! Where the magic of weed never ends!

[Pig family enter shop]

Peppa: Wow! So much weed!

Suzy Sheep, Emily Elephant, Rebecca Rabbit: Hello Peppa!

Peppa: Hello bitches!

Suzy: Smoke weed everyday!

Peppa: [Picks up apple] Ummm... What the fuck is this?

Suzy: I like mountain dew!

Emily: I like doritos!

Rebecca: I like bitches!

Edmond: Bitches are not a fruit!

Rebecca: Oh

Edmond: Bitches are a vegetable! [Airhorn of triumph]

Narrator: Edmond is a bit of a faggot.

--Weedmode activating--

Suzy: What does George like?

[George frowns]

Suzy: Does George like mountain dew or doritos?

Peppa: George likes nukes!

[George picks up nuke]


[Gigantic explosion]

MLG voice: Oh! Hit! Hit! Baby a triple! WHERE U AT!!! WHERE U AT!!! WHERE U AT!!! OHHHH!!!

--Screen Blacks out--

Mrs Rabbit: Smoothies! Get your weed smoothies here!

Peppa: What's a weed smoothie?

Mrs Rabbit: It's a drink made from weed!

Peppa: Okay, I'd like a smoothie with weed!

Mrs Rabbit: Okay but smoothies can have lots of different weed in them!

Peppa: I'd like weed, weed, weed and more weed!

Mrs Rabbit: [Puts ingredients with mixer, blowing it up]

Peppa: [Drinks smoothie] It tastes like shit!

RIP in peace Mrs Rabbit. You had one job to make a good weed smoothie, but you failed. Goodnite sweat prinsess.

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