Welcome Back is the sixth Episode of Peppakarta, this is the first Peppakarta episode that has a Title.


Screen goes Black, and then shows a white text saying "ONE YEAR 2 MONTHS LATER, AFTER THE TRIP TO CIREBON"

Screen pans to the skies of Java Island, Indonesia.

Screen then zooms to Peppa's House in Bendi Raya, South Jakarta, Jakarta.

Screen then pans to Pig Family's new car.

Everyone open the doors, then close it.

Daddy Pig: It's nice to get a new car!

Mummy Pig: Yeah!

The IDFB-like Intro of Peppakarta plays.

Screen then pans to Sheep Family's house.

Suzy Sheep: Then, What to do Now?

Mrs. Sheep: Go to Peppa's house, and sell this car and get a new car.

Suzy Sheep: N-NEW CAR-

Mrs. Sheep: Calm down, The new car is going to be amazing.

Suzy Sheep: Okay!

A few seconds later...

Mrs. Sheep: *Talks to self* Hm... this looks an amazing car, But I want another.

Suzy Sheep: Hello Peppa!

Peppa Pig: Suzy Suzy Suzy! I have a Great car isn't it?

Suzy Sheep: Yeah!

Mummy Pig: Hello Mrs. Sheep, Want a cup of tea and pistachios?

Mrs. Sheep: Yeah, but what is pistachio?

Mummy Pig: Look up on the Wikipedia, but the English Wikipedia.

Mrs. Sheep: Okay.

30 minutes later...

Mrs. Sheep: But how do I sell cars?

Mummy Pig: Just download OLX in your phone, It's an Indonesian app.

Mrs. Sheep: Thanks, for the tips, also bye!

Suzy Sheep: Bye!

Few minutes later...

Mrs. Sheep: *Talks to self* So I need to take a picture of my car to sell it, But Suzy is in the room sleeping, so it won't be interrupted. 3... 2... 1...

Mrs. Sheep Takes the picture of her car.

Mrs. Sheep *Talks to self* All done! Time to sell it! but it will be nego.

Mrs. Sheep writes: 2012 Mitsubishi Mirage (NEGO)


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