Papi pock: Britain, before you came to Papicity, where did you live?

Britain butt: Gordon Village.

Papi pock: Where's that place?

Britain butt: It's in Garcharfpwllgwyngyll, Garcharfpwllgwyngyll's a country near Wales.

Papi pock: Where's the whales?

Britain butt: In the United Kingdom. Do you want me to tell you about life in Gordon Village, Papi?

Papi pock: Yes, please.

Britain butt: Okay.


Britain butt: *narrating* It rained mud in Gordon Village, but that meant zillions of puddles! Riding Tankas the Thom Engine was lots of fun. We saw lots of Welsh sights like Heropock. Ever since 2000, the country flew on Papi Island Multinational Airport. Oh, and I remember when Garcharfpwllgwyngyll almost fell into the Atlantic Ocean when the scripted sculpt of the country got destroyed.

[The flashback ends.]

British cutter: Garcharfpwllgwyngyll is still home to great adventures! And also, we have our own species of puppy dog, the Garcharfpwllgwyngyll grape dog! *in a raspy voice* Volk.

Papi pock: I wanna come there!

Mumui macfenzy: Sorry, Papi. It sunk, but we're in a different universe.

Papi pock: Oh. How about I come to Scotland?

Britain butt: Scotland sucked.

Papi pock: Why? 

Britain butt: Because Scottish and Welsh boys are wolfweres. So am I.

Egroj pock and Mumui macfenzy: Oh, park!

Britain butt: *goes outside*

Papi pock: Don't do it, Britain!

Britain butt: It's too late. Goodbye, Papicity. Hello, Gordon Village. *flies and sees a full moon*

Papi, Egroj and Mumui macfenzy: NOOO-

Britain butt: *turns into a wolfwere and howls, he then flies past Shepherdingtown*

Papi pock: Get back here, Britain!

Britain butt: *accelerates and flies past Vatican City while roaring*

Egroj pock: You have 5 minutes to get back here, Britain. *runs very fast, jumps and swims an ocean to catch Britain butt*

[2 minutes later...]

[Papi and Egroj are now in Vatican City.]

Egroj pock: This must be Vatican City.

Write the rest, Mac+Cool.

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