Wendy Wolf is one of Peppa's friends and a minor character in the series. She is a wolf with an Australian accent. In CreationBeTheWorld23's fanon she speaks Italian. She is Pedro's girlfriend in Eggs. Also in Mateusz11113's fanon and PA, she is Danny's girlfriend.



She has gray skin, a mauve dress and black shoes.


In "Poppies and Puddles", she is seen in the spa with her mother Mrs. Wolf. She is just seen in a dark yellow dress and a teal hat with a dark yellow ribbon tied in a bow at the front.

In "Peppa Feels Playful", she wears a floor-length hot pink dress with a magenta ribbon at the back and a flower headband.

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In The pig show, and The longest fanon episode ever, she wears a blue dress with red spots.



  • Her scream is weird.
  • She likes sandwiches.
  • She likes pointing out references.


  • In PEPDRO PINY FTW's fanon she is gay for Emily Elephant and wants to eat Peppa.
  • She gets nervous around large crowds.