Wendy Wolf comes to Peppa's house to play with Peppa and George



(title card)

Narrator: Peppa is waiting for Wendy Wolf.

(doorbell rings)

Peppa: I'll get it!

(peppa answers)

Wendy: Hello, Peppa!

Peppa: Hello Wendy!

Peppa: Let's go to my room!

Wendy: Okay!

(wendy and peppa run upstairs)

(george comes upstairs)

(george enters)

Peppa: George, this game is for big girls!

Wendy: But we do need a boy in this game

Peppa: Oh, Yes! We do

Peppa: Come on, George! You can play with us

George: Hurray! *giggle*

Wendy: We need a third person.

Peppa: What are we playing?

Wendy: It's a secret

(doorbell rings)

Narrator: Suzy has also come to play.

Peppa: Hello, Suzy!

Suzy: Hello, Peppa!

Wendy: Hello, Suzy!

Suzy: Hello, Wendy!

Peppa: Will you play with us, Suzy?

Suzy: Yes!

(everyone runs upstairs)

Wendy: I got everything ready!

Peppa: What do we do now?

Wendy: Pick a house!

Peppa: I want the brick house!

Suzy: I want the stick house

George: *oink* *oink*

Wendy: Do you know the big bad wolf?

Peppa: I know that! This game will be fun!

Wendy: Okay, Let's play!

(wendy comes over to georges house)

Wendy: Ah Huff and a puff and a (blow)

(george crys)

Peppa: It's okay George, now you go over to suzy's house

(wendy comes to suzys house)

Wendy: A huff a puff and a (blows)

Suzy: Eeekk!

(everyone goes to peppas house)

Wendy: A huff a puff and a (blows)

Peppa: My house is made of bricks, so you cant knock it down!

Wendy: Oh, yes. It is.

Peppa: We win!

Everyone: Hooray!

Peppa: And then the pigs became friends with the big bad wolf, and lived happily ever after!

(everyone laughs)



- "George, this game is for big girls!" line was also used in Best Friend

- This is Wendy's first appearance in season 5

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