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some weird cupcakes.


Peppa and her friends are at the playgroup!!!!!!

Peppa: OINK! I made cupcakes!!

~everyone cheers~

Madame Gazelle: A-HO! Peppa, there's not even an oven in here!

Wendy Wolf: ~opens a book~ Ruff Ruff! What is this? It seems like an ancient aztec dialect or hieroglyphs of some sort. I'm gonna need some help to decode this.

Peppa: Dude, those are just words.

Wendy: Oh right. I can't read yet.

Peppa: OINK! You're a freak. you know that, right?

Wendy: ~giggles~

Madame Gazelle: Children, we're all going on a field trip to Vegas!

Danny Dog: Ruff Ruff! wtf!?

Wendy: Ruff! I'm in!

Peppa: But someone needs to watch the cupcakes!!! Wendy!! You're our only hooope!!!!!!

Wendy: Ruff! Why don't you bring the cupcakes with you?

Peppa: Only HOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!!

~everyone except Wendy runs onto the bus~ AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!

Peppa: (from the bus) Whatever you do, do NOT eat those cupcakes. PLZ. PLZ. PLZ. PLZ. PLZ.

~bus drives away~

Wendy: You guys, Guess I gotta guard these dumb cupcakes or whatever! :P

she sat there. staring at the cupcakes. they began to look more and more delicious as every minute went. 

Wendy: pff. i bet if i eat one. nothing will happen. I'M STILL NOT GONNA THO.

By half an hour, those cupcakes looked like a gourmet meal. It almost seemed like the cupcakes were calling out to her, begging to be eaten.

Wendy: You know what!? forget it! ~picks up a cupcake~

Peppa: ~runs back in~ I forgot my apple juice! ~gasps~ NOOOOOOOOO!!!! How could YOU!?

Wendy: I didn't even eat it yet!

Peppa: Everyone! Look at Wendy! No where else. Just at Wendy! Don't worry about what Heropig AND Suzy are doing!

Suzy: Help meee!!!

Heropig: No one can hear your screams! ~drags her into the forest~

Madame Gazelle: I can't beleve you would do such a thing! ~cries~ YOU'RE A WEREWOLF AND YOU CAN'T EVEN READ!

Wendy: I'm not a werewolf, you idiot!

Deep down, she knew she was in denial.

Pedro: ~drives through the wall with a truck made of cupcakes~ You like cupcakes HUH!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ~runs over Wendy~

Everyone: yaaay! ~eats the truck~

Peppa: Too bad no one ate my cupcakes!

~tiny elephants run out of the cupcakes~

Peppa: That's right. You go run along now. ~hears a telescope exploding~ Oh no... MY TIME HAS COME!! ~runs out of the playgroup~ EMILYYYYY!!!!!-- ~explodes~


  • This is based off a picture on Wendy Wolf's page. XD

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