Peppa: I love Teddy!

George: And me love Dine-saw!

Peppa: I wish Teddy was a real bear!

George: And me wish Dine-saw was real dine-saw!

[Peppa and George's wishes come true, but as real bears and real dinosaurs can attack you, they attacked Peppa, George and friends]

Peppa: Oh, dear. I wanted Teddy to be a normal real bear, not an evil real bear.

Daddy Pig: Unless if your teddy is Winnie the Pooh, ALL real bears are evil. Wait, Teddy became WHAT? Everybody out!

Mr Dinosaur: *goes downstairs and distracts Mummy Pig from an Ezza magazine*

Mummy Pig: AARRRGGHHH! A dinosaur!

Teddy: *comes onscreen and joins Mr. Dinosaur's side*

Mummy Pig: AND a bear! Just when I was reading a lovely Ezza magazine! *runs away*

[the Pigs evacuate from the house]

Daddy Pig: We need a plan. We need to stay somewhere after we get Mr. Dinosaur and Teddy out of the house and someone starts renovating it.

Peppa: *sees a poster for fresh fish for sale at the local shops* TO THE LOCAL SHOPS, EVERYONE! We can get fish there to lure them away.

Daddy Pig: *walks to the local shops and comes back with fresh fish* I'll put them over there. *throws fish in the other direction*

[Teddy and Mr. Dinosaur leave the house to eat the fish]

Daddy Pig: Now that Teddy and Mr. Dinosaur have been lured out, who can we get to fix it.

Mummy Pig: Didn't Miss Rabbit start renovating houses today! Let's ring her! *rings Miss Rabbit*

Miss Rabbit: (over phone) Hello, this is Miss Rabbit speaking. How can I help you?

Mummy Pig: Miss Rabbit, this is Mummy Pig. I need you to renovate our house. A bear and a dinosaur have just been in there.

Miss Rabbit: (over phone) A bear and a WHAT? Aren't dinosaurs extinct?

Mummy Pig: You wouldn't believe us, but there was one attacking us today. Now, it's outside eating fish. Look for yourself.

Miss Rabbit: (over phone) Okay. I'll have a look when I arrive to renovate your house.

Mummy Pig: Remember to actually RENOVATE it.

Miss Rabbit:(over phone) Okay. Cheerio! *ends call*

[Miss Rabbit's helicopter comes to the pig home]

Miss Rabbit: You were right! A real dinosaur! *starts renovation*

Peppa: Where can we stay? Suzy Sheep's house?

Mummy Pig: Yes, Peppa.

[The pigs leave]

Teddy: Gerrowl! Gerrowl!

Mr. Dinosaur: Roar! Roar!

Miss Rabbit: *walks outside* Oh no you...

[Mr. Dinosaur and Teddy fearsomely growl at Miss Rabbit]

Miss Rabbit: Urgh! I can't take it anymore.

Mr. Dinosaur: *opens his mouth above Miss Rabbit to swallow her* Rrr! Rrr! Rrr!

Miss Rabbit: *escapes* Phew! Now, back to renovating the pig house!