One evening, Peppa said she was not very sleepy. Then, she heard the doorbell ring. "Oh boy!" said Peppa. "That must be Zoë Zebra owning her dance class!" She opened the door and there was Winford Bradford Rutherford. "Hello, sliced pork!" he said. "Hello, gunfire racing car!" Peppa said, taking rage. "Excuse me?" Winford said. Winford Bradford Rutherford is one of Peppa's enemies. "Get lost, you nasty idiot!" Peppa shouted at the top of her voice. "SHUT UP!!!" Winford shouted back. "That's it! I am inviting Todd Marcus instead of YOU, Windford!" Peppa said to Winford, angrily. "Fine! Don't invite me! Don't EVER be my friend again!" Then, Peppa phoned Todd Marcus. "Um, hello Todd. This is your good friend Peppa speaking." she said. "PEPPA?! Wow! Haven't seen you in a long time!" Todd shouted through the phone.

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