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Peppa and friends have to save the world from Illuminati.


Peppa: Suzy, are sure you want to do this, you look scared.

Suzy: No, I am not.

Peppa: Okay

Suzy: Waaa....(Gets flung across the sea)

Peppa: Oh no! I killed Suzy!

George: You will not believe what just happened.

Peppa: What?

Mummy: Daddy won the lottery!

Peppa: Holy cow!

Daddy: I spent $500 on a jet.

George: Dang!

Mummy: He has agreed to take us in his jet.

Peppa+George: OMG(Explode)

In the jet

Illuminati: Nice jet piggy!

Peppa: Shut up!

Heropeppa: we plan to take over the world!

Peppa: Let's get em!

Daddy: Where are they going.

Alex: Based on the direction that they're going, they must be heading to Latin America.

Daddy: All right, to Latin America we go!

Latin america

Spanish bystander:¡hola!

Danny: Wut?

Alex: Hola means hello in Spanish.

Peppa: You mean French right? 

Alex: French and Spanish are different languages from different cultures.

Peppa: Nerd!

Alex: Shut up!

George: I see hero Delphine

Delphine: Luttons faker!

Herodelphine: Come at me!

(Delphine kicks her into a whirlpool.)

Peppa: So where are we going?

Daddy: Japan.

Alex: Bassicly, we are going to Asia.

Candy: Wut?

Peppa: What are you doing here?(Pushes her into the water)

Alex: guys stop killing each other. The more of us die, the less chance we have at fighting illuminati.

Emily: Yeah!

Peppa: No! (Kicks Emily off) Now yeah!

George: That was the only death that I actually liked.

Peppa: Where's Delphine?

Mummy: She died in the whirlpool.

Peppa: Nooooooo!!!!!!!!

Daddy: Shut up! We have made it to Asia!


Japanese bystander: Kon'nichiwa!

Peppa: What?

Alex: Hello in japanese

Mummy: Peppa, you need to calm down.

Peppa: Well you need to die! (Pushes mummy into the water.)


George:(Does the same with herogeorge)

Daddy: Peppa, you killed your own mother!

Alex: Screw it, let's go to France.


Daddy: How many people have died during this chaos?

Peppa: Suzy,Mummy,Candy,Emily,Delphine,herogeorge, and hero Delphine. So 7.

(Plane malfunctions)

Daddy: My plane.

George: Daddy!

Alex: George!

(They get in the jet which flies off to some unknown area)

Peppa: France is useless, let's swim to Mexico!


Peppa: Die Freddy!


At the valcano 

Danny: 4 of us remain.

Peppa: Nope(Pushes Pedro into the lava)

Danny: What is wrong with you?

Zoe: You need a taste of you're own medicine!(Tries to hit peppa, but misses and falls into the lava)

Peppa: Its time to die Danny. (Misses and falls into the lava)

(Daddy's plane appears again, and it saves Danny)

Denny: How the hell do we revive everyone.

(Everyone is revived)

Danny: Oh

(Volcano erupts and kills Illuminati)

The End