Member votes record elimnation rank
Peppa 0 no no TBA
Suzy 0 no no TBA
Danny 0 no no TBA
Pedro 0 no no TBA
Kylie 1 no no TBA
Rebecca 3 Yes yes 18th
Votes:4 2 more than last time 1.88 more than last time


Team snob

Member word misspelled place won? Leader
Emily cat(Kat) 16th no yes
Candy gopher(Gopfer) 14th no no
Simon love(luv) 13th no no
Brianna Expanded(Exxpand) 9th no no
Zoe Astronomy (astrophony) 5th no no
Lisa Encapsulated (Ncapsulated 4th no


Team peppish

Member place word misspelled leader won
Pedro 17th Two(tu) no no
Kylie 15th misspelling (Miss you) no no
Peppa 12th Puddles (Muddy piddles) Yes no
Danny 10th Pirate(pirrate) no no
Suzy 2nd Presto(Pristo) no Yes

Team kids

Member word misspelled place won leader
Sammy Nickel(Nickle) 11 no Yes
Zaza Baseball(Basseeball) 8th No No
Richard Carpet(Karpet) 7th No no
Zuzu Acrophobic (akrophobic) 6th No no
Edmond Nerd (pass) 3rd No no
George Won with "Dinosaur" 1st Yes no

Winner(s): Team peppish, team kids


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The poll was created at 01:32 on August 20, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.

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