Xenomorphs are aliens form the movie Alien and the saga which came to appear in Peppa Pig.


The Xenomorphs' body mostly looks skeletal. They have a giant octopus head as well as a mouth with razor sharp steel teeth with another mouth inside it's mouth. It also has tube like parts on it's back, bony limbs with sharp claws on it and a long spiny tail with spines and a sharp edge on it. The color is mostly black-purpleish for the Xenomorph.


Season 17

Season 18

  • Clankers
  • Peppa plays Alien: Isolation
  • Amtrak's Coast Starlight craziness: Part I
  • Amtrak's Coast Starlight craziness: Part II
  • Seattle: K.O the zombie

Season 21

  • Flying Dutchman attack
  • Pedro's vomit issue
  • George goes poo poo
  • Megapig X Megaman
  • Dipper and Pacifica wedding
  • Aliens vs Pigs (latest appearance)