George: So, big sister... What day is it?

Peppa: Uh... Today's Yaksgiving! [giggles] My first cousins once removed are from Ustinkistan.

George: You-stink-ton?

Peppa: Ustinkistan. George, you have to "ust" when you say it.

George: Ust! [x4] Big sister, what's Ustinkistan?!

Peppa: Ustinkistan is a country where my second cousins and my first cousins once removed lived.

George: Oh...


Luke: Hi, Daddy Pig! I'm Luke Pig. This is my twin sons Floyd and Lloyd Pig.

Floyd: Hi, Peppa. I'm Floyd Pig. And this is my twin brother Lloyd.

Lloyd: We both rhyme. We're the same age as Peppa. [giggles]

Peppa: Hello, Floyd and Lloyd. I'm Peppa, your second cousin. And this is my two-year-old brother George.

George: That's right, second cuzes. George Pig. I'm wearing a blue shirt and my older sister is wearing a red dress.

Luke: Peppa, this is my wife Sam. She's the woman of the turnip patch.

Sam: Hi, second cousin Peppa. I'm Sam Pig. I'm Floyd and Lloyd's mother. Wanna be my friend from Ustinkistan?

Peppa: No thanks, Sam. I'm so bossy like my friend Suzy Sheep. [sighs]

Sam: Oh. But on Yakmas, we slap you with a mackerel. [slaps Peppa with the mackerel] Ustinky!

Peppa: Ow! Mackerels hurt! [groans] Yaksgiving is a dumb holiday.

Mummy Pig: Don't worry, Peppa. Yaksgiving's not dumb. It's fun.

Peppa: Ooh, Yaksgiving is great! [giggles]

Luke and Sam: You know, Peppa. We're going to celebrate the six days of Yaksgiving.

Peppa: What?! Six days of Yaksgiving?! [sighs] This is boring.

Choir: [singing offscreen] On the first day of Yaksgiving, we cook Yaksgiving soup...

Sam: [carrying a pot full of broth] Here, Peppa. Have some piping-hot soup.

Peppa: Thanks, first cousin once removed. [slurps a big spoonful of soup] Ahh. [fire comes out of her mouth] AAAAAAAAAUUGGHHHH!!! SO HOT, HOT, HOT!!

George: [giggles] Big sister's so silly today! [giggles some more]

Choir: [singing offscreen] On the second day of Yaksgiving, we shave Yaksgiving backs...

Luke: Come here, darling. [shaves Sam's back] Ahh, so nice.

Sam: [chuckles] That tickles...

George: [walks in the bathroom] First cousins once removed shave backs?! AAAAAAH!!! [runs away]

Choir: [singing offscreen] On the third day of Yaksgiving, we drop Yaksgiving yak...

Peppa: [spots a yak eating the grass] I'm going to catch you, Bessie. [the yak falls on top of her] Ouch!

Choir: [singing offscreen] On the fourth day of Yaksgiving, we drop another yak...

George: Look, big sister! There's yak flying into space!

Peppa: I know, George! [giggles, then the yak falls on top of her again] Ouch! Yaks hurt! [groans]

Choir: [singing offscreen] On the fifth day of Yaksgiving, we had a yak attack...

Peppa: Wait. Did the choir say "yak attack"?

Choir: We did!

Peppa: Oh. [the yaks run over Peppa] AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Choir: [singing offscreen] On the sixth day of Yaksgiving, we had Yaksgiving feast...

Peppa: Wow, a feast! Thanks so much, choir! Today I'm going to eat anything at Yaksgiving! [giggles]

Luke: We have chicken legs with yak hair on top, mashed peas covered with cold vinegar, and weasel pie covered with stick bugs! You wanna try new foods, Peppa?

Peppa: Of course, first cousin once removed. [eats a forkful of mashed peas with cold vinegar] Hmm... It's different. But I like it! I really like it! [tries to eat a slice of weasel pie, but the stick bugs catch Peppa] AAAUGH!! Somebody help me!

Floyd and Lloyd: Peppa!

George: Quick, second cuzes! Chase her to the turnip patch! [runs off]

Luke: I'm coming, too! [runs off]

Sam: Me, too!

Peppa: Stupid bad stick bugs! [throw the stick bugs into the sack] There. That should do it. [chuckles]

George, Floyd, and Lloyd: Look! It's the turnip patch! [they all giggle]

Peppa: Thanks a lot, you guys. Everyone in Ustinkistan loves the turnip patch. [takes a bite of the turnip] Mmm, mmm... [spits out of the piece of turnip] Yuck! Yak horns?! What kind of rotten-head makes turnips out of yak horns?! [throws the turnip away and it falls on top of Luke]

Luke: Ouch! Turnips hurt!

Sam: I win! [cackles, then takes the turnip, and runs away]

Peppa: Come on, second cousins! We're going to have some ketchup to do! [the bloodhounds bite Peppa into little pieces] Agh-agh! Get lost, you disgusting bloodhounds!

George: [echoing] BIG SISTER!!

Peppa: [wakes up from her dream] Oh, no! I've got a nightmare about Yaksgiving! [sighs] I hope Yaksgiving is yesterday. I'll just go back to Ustinkistan. [walks away]



This is the only appearance of Luke, Sam, Floyd, and Lloyd.

Peppa thinks she has a nightmare and yesterday's Yaksgiving, so she could go back to Ustinkistan.

This episode is based on a "Fairly OddParents" episode "Timmy Turnip", where Timmy Turner has a hard time celebrating Yaksgiving with his grandparents, and gets transported into Ustinkistan when he wishes that his grandparents never came to America.

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