Zahgsoja Shalalalalalalalashasalalalshallalalalalalallalalallalashalala (simply known as Zahgsoja, birth name Emma Dupont) was a French 24 year old know-it-all woman who lived in a manor and despised clothing. She was French but thought she was a full-blooded Russian. Zahgsoja had a clique consisted of nudists.

Like Angelica Pickles, she called babies dumb. However, unlike Angelica, Zahgsoja only called babies dumb if they do not belong to a nudist family.

She is voiced by Morwenna Banks in her animated form. Zahgsoja is voiced in a French-sounding voice similar to of Madame Gazelle. In her live-action form she is portrayed by Katy Perry but is still voiced by Morwenna Banks.


Zahgsoja was a cruel, cold-hearted woman. She was extremely selfish and doesn't share. Despite her cruel and selfish nature, Zahgsoja seemed to be quite romantic, such as when she started dating a nudist in The Truth of Zahgsoja and also tends to be easily frightened. She was very uncaring and snobbish. Zahgsoja was extremely strict. She tended to be artistic, although the only thing she painted is naked people and herself at the beach with nudists.


Zahgsoja wears a black dress which has no back when in public, and her cleavage is poorly covered up. Zahgsoja has pink hair and extremely pale skin with dark brown eyes. In "Peppa walking down the grand staircase" she is naked and only wears a feather boa, with a mohawk and face paint. In episodes after that she is completely naked. Her LEGO form mostly consists of parts that do not exist, meaning that Zahgsoja's LEGO form is computer-animated. She has Ginny Weasley's hair in bright reddish violet, a yellow face depicting an evil grin, and plain yellow torso with matching legs that have a black flat tile on them. She looks like Kim Kardashian in a deleted scene from Priscilla Pig.


  • When Astley Baker Davies premiered Peppchanted on Nick Jr, Zahgsoja's cleavage was censored through computer editing, but it was simply blurred.
  • Some people forget her name.
  • If she was 5-12, she would be allowed in Emily's clique.
  • Even in live-action form, Zahgsoja's boa is 2D animated.
  • She wasn't a nudist till she ran away to accomplish her dream.
  • As revealed in "Peppa Pig Breaks Into Zahgsoja's Manor", Zahgsoja owns a black and pink PlayStation 3 Slim that is able to play PlayStation 2 games.
  • She may like Liopleurodons, as shown in Zahgsoja Interacts With Liopleurodons when she thinks he's a nudist because he wears no clothes.
  • Zahgsoja's birth name is Emma Dupont, but she nicknamed herself Zahgsoja Shalalalalalalalashasalalalshallalalalalalallalalallalashalala when she first became a nudist at the age of nine.