Peppa. I wonder how Liopleurodons wilol interact with Zahgsoja.

Suzy. I think she will think he's a nudist because he wears no clothes.

Mac+Cool: Hello, i've just had an affair with Zahgsoja yesterday naked.

Pedro. He's a Liopleurodon.

Danny. What's a Liopleurodon?

Liopleurodons. I am a Liopleurodon and now we will find out how I will interact with Zahgsoja.

(swims all the way to Zahgsoja's manor)

Zahgsoja. Hey, you're a nudist.

Liopleurodons. He, I am a Liopleurodon, and Liopleurodons wear no clothes.

Zahgsoja. Do you want to join my nudist club.

Liopleurodons. (lying, because he has other friends, but he may join the club anyways) Of course.

Zahgaoja. Oh yes!

Peppa. Hey.

Suzy. That's not nice.

Danny. Why do you want to join a nudist' club.

Pedro. That's so stupid.

Tommy. Are we still friends.

Chuckie. Yes, I am not scared of you.

Phil and Lil. We are your favorite characters in the Rugrats.

Kimi. Hi new guy!

Liopleurodons. My name is Liopleurodons.

Kimi. Oh.

Liopleurodons. (whispering) And don't worry, I am still friends with all of you guys.

Zahgsoja. Let's go!

Write the rest, Mac+Cool

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